The optimal working life

We support organizations with managing change and building the optimal working community. As experts within coaching, we guide individuals in a humane way to overcome challenges and spot opportunities in their own career path.

Organizational change management

Organizational change management

We specialize in assisting in situations that require workforce adaption after an organizational change. With our versatile services we support both the employees who have been made redundant, as well as the management team in the adaption work the renewed organization is facing.

Our services within organizational change management include:

  • Outplacement – career guidance for employees who cannot remain in their current position

  • The Tulevaisuuspolku service – support and career guidance of redundant employees with a partial work ability, assistance in pension risk management

  • Re-teaming – for leading the adaption work in the renewed organization following an organizational change process

Managing employee work ability

Managing employee work ability

We help you develop personnel management in the organization in order to maintain the employees’ work ability in the best way. Our experts give you practical advice and tools to increase productivity. We help identify early signs of risk factors around work ability, ways to reduce absence due to sickness and to influence the organization’s pension class.

Our services in within employee work ability management include:

  • The Tulevaisuuspolku coaching service – support services and career guidance for employees with a reduced work ability due to a lack of knowledge, motivation or work capacity. We recommend this service in situations where there is a need for the organization to intervene at an early stage

  • Development of human resource management – training to increase competence in the management’s handling of issues regarding employee work ability

  • Strategic human resource management – help in developing strategic models for managing risk factors at an early stage, increasing the competence of employees, and reviewing the responsibilities and roles of the various parties in an organizational change situation

Well-being at work

Well-being at work

We have developed our services for the purpose of supporting you and your organization´s well-being and work capacity. With our help, you will successfully overcome organizational change situations on a personal level as well as an organizational level. You get tips on how you can increase your own capacity and bring out your inner potential. We offer you methods to cope with conflict situations and opportunities to develop both as an individual and as part of a working community.

Our services within well-being at work include:

  • Working community development – support to develop the working community by improving collaboration and increasing the sense of team spirit

  • Conflict management – ​​the service offers help from an external party to manage deadlocked situations and conflicts within the working community

  • Well-being coaching – coaching for individuals or groups during organizational changes such as an expansion or increased market competition. The coaching can be ordered for management as well as employees and deals with various needs, such as increased resilience or knowledge. We have partnered up with Firstbeat Life, which is a digital measurement tool for well-being, and with Pandatron, which offers coaching tools utilizing artificial intelligence.

  • Work supervision – the service focuses on the way the working community handles different situations. It offers reflection on each employee´s individual actions and makes room for new ways of working

  • Inquiry services – an inquiry service in case of suspected ethical violations or bullying in the workplace (EU directives are followed)

  • W.I.N. – Wellbeing in numbers – the service is carried out in collaboration with Firstbeat Life and focuses on the overall well-being of the individual. The Firstbeat Life app collects data on elements that affect work capacity, including sleep patterns, recovery, and the ability to handle stress

  • Unlocking your career – coaching of employees who feel that they are stuck and are not fulfilling their working potential. It may be a question of finding motivation, methods to increase skills, assessing the position in the working community or even changing professions, to solve the problem. Offered to individuals and/or groups within the organization

Vocational rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation

The purpose of vocational rehabilitation is to enable you to continue being a part of working life, even though you suffer from an illness or injury that affects your ability to work. It is your occupational pension company, insurance company or The National Pension Institution (Kela/FPA) which decides whether you are entitled to participate in the rehabilitation process. If you have been granted vocational rehabilitation by any of the institutions mentioned above, we offer you an opportunity to find your own career path through career coaching, completely free of charge.

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