return to the workplace for peace of work


We offer a professional mediator and a modern, workable method that will remedy the atmosphere of the work community in challenging situations as well.

For whom work community planning is intended for?

Work placement is intended for all companies and work communities who want to tackle problems that have been identified in the work community, such as:

  • conflicts
  • working atmosphere problems
  • contradictions
  • inappropriate behaviour
  • workplace bullying
  • sexual harassment
  • mental violence
  • discrimination (gender, age, ethnic background, religion, etc.)

How workplace mediation works?

Workplace mediation is a method for solving challenging job aspirations within workplace. Mediation takes place through an impartial external mediator. The parties to the mediation are all workers affected by the conflict in any way. The cornerstones of conciliation are impartiality, confidentiality and open talk about how to continue together in a challenging situation. By the mediator, each individual will be given the opportunity to be heard without any prior or attempted action to find the culprit. The purpose of the mediator is to find a solution and reconciliation between all parties and to create an agreement, returning peace to the workplace.

What results from workplace mediation?

With the help of an external mediator, the work community concept returns challenging constructive communication, openness, mutual trust and respect to the work community and clarifies common goals in challenging situations. All of these directly affect the company’s work satisfaction, results and success.

Why mediation should be completed?

In the work community, you should address the problems you have identified in good time and invest in community planning. The new ways of reconciliation bring back the work atmosphere, working co-operation, job satisfaction, and efficiency to the workplace. Conciliation also often enables the development of management and supervisory work in the work community. Conciliation can avoid unnecessary layoffs and even legal proceedings, save on clear money, restore work prosperity, and create a solution that will win everyone.