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What is Katja Noponen Oy’s Outplacement service?

Coaching helps the employee find a new career after the company’s adaptation situation or termination of employment. Katja Noponen Oy is a professional partner and employee support for company change situations.

We provide you with a concrete, knowledgeable and versatile style of coaching with support aimed at finding you a new job or a place to study for a new working life.

For whom outplacement coaching is intended?

Outplacement coaching is intended to assist and support employees in the changing situations of organizations. The aim of the training is to acquire new jobs, training opportunities and find a new career path for a new job or entrepreneur. With us you are in experienced hands, as we train thousands of people every year actively forward to new careers. Our partners range from the biggest to smaller and medium sized companies companies in Finland.

When is outplacement coaching necessary?

Coaching is needed when the employee’s employment is no longer in the company’s or organization’s service. The reason for this may be, for example, organizational changes, individual exit agreements or production and economic reasons. The aim of Katja Noponen Oy’s outplacement training is to train a worker who is in the process of being dismissed or in the company’s changing situation, to find a new career and to return to work as quickly as possible.

What follows from outplacement coaching?

Outplacement coaching supports each individual’s own activity in finding new work or training in a new field. In individual coaching, the individual receives a broad picture of today’s job search methods, learns to rely on their own skills and using their expertise in marketing themselves. Individuals being coached in Katja Noponen Oy’s outplacement services receive current information and full support in the finding of new work.

How outplacement coaching is implemented?

Outplacement coaching can be implemented either as personal or group training. The exact content of personal coaching is planned based on the assignment received, tailored to your own needs. Coaching is always confidential and respectful of every participant. The main goal of outplacement training is to support the individual in his or her changed life situation and to find the most suitable new job, training entrepreneurship or other work-related solution as quickly as possible.