What is job coaching

Job coaching is the development of your own work and work community through dialogic and resource-centered methods. At its best, coaching work guidance serves as a concrete tool that improves the ability of the employee and the work community to meet the challenges and changes in working life. Coaching helps you look at your own work from new perspectives and to parse and change work with a changing business environment. It develops the communication and interaction skills of the work community and contributes significantly to work-life.

What follows from work coaching

Coaching with work guidance enables a worker to find motivation to develop and renew, thereby improving the quality and efficiency of one’s work. It strengthens the ability and willingness of employees, staff and supervisors to develop new, concrete and productive practices and work processes together. Coaching workmanship also saves the cost of occupational health, reduces sick leave and increases work satisfaction and work efficiency.

What is a job instructor’s role?

The coaching work supervisor is an impartial person who has been trained by job coach training who looks at the situation of a work community or employee from a distance and through an outside view. Coaches guide the process with resource-centered and dialogic methods so that the work community’s competence and professionalism develop and become more effective for more comprehensive use.

What are the objectives of job coaching?

The client always gives the job coach goals and frameworks. The coaching workflow will be more successful, the clearer the goals are set together with the patron and the participants. Coaching workflow works best for teams of 5 to 10 people or individual employees. Their duration is always agreed with the customer.

Tons of work power

Just five times coaching work guidance provides tangible results that increase worker motivation and work efficiency.

  • Functional concept

    We have a functional and tested concept of “Tons of work power” that helps coaches to parse their work in a new way.

  • New perspectives

    The individual coached finds new perspectives for her own work and sees it impossible as a possible.

  • Concreteness

    Coaching becomes concrete and new ways of doing business.

  • Through video communication

    Meetings can be done with high quality video connection from your workstation or from anywhere around the world.

  • Dialogic and resource-centered methods

    everything is always possible.