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substantial savings in pension expenditure


What professional rehabilitation offers

Professional rehabilitation offers significant financial savings in pension expenditures. The company also benefits from saving in sickness absence and employee turnover costs. The aforementioned support the commitment of the staff employee commitment to the employer and retaining competence in the company. The staff also give a good and positive picture of the company when recruiting new people.

When is professional rehabilitation required

In the field of rehabilitation, it is worthwhile to move against the clock. The sooner the professional rehabilitation starts, the better results can be achieved. You should be boldly in contact with occupational health care or employer’s pension company’s rehabilitation specialists if the employee’s impaired health disadvantages affect work or cause a threat of invalidity. Katja Noponen Oy’s experts are happy to assist you in all aspects of rehabilitation.

What alternatives does the employer have

An employer can direct a person to professional rehabilitation when a worker has a clear threat of invalidity. If rehabilitation is not possible, alternatively, the employer can acquire a lot of sickness absences or a person with a high risk of retirement, Katja Noponen Oy’s Future Path Service, reducing the employer’s disability risks, absenteeism and costs and decreasing pension contributions. The aim of the Future Path Service is to relocate employees to new health facilities for better performing tasks, if necessary to a completely new employer. Future Path Services may benefit from various vocational rehabilitation measures, such as retraining or work trials.

Operating instructions summarized in professional rehabilitation

The sooner you start, the better results can be achieved.

  • For employees

    Health constraints, need for work arrangements or return to work after long absence from illness

  • An employee, HR or health care provider sends to the pension company

    A professional rehabilitation application along with a doctor’s medical B-statement

  • Pension company

    To issue a decision on the right to professional rehabilitation, the content of rehabilitation

  • Professional rehabilitation can begin

    You can get the help of your career coach for a variety of activities, such as working trial or retraining

  • Work career continues

    The work career continues and the threat of incapacity to work passes