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A deteriorating health state

does not mean job abandonment or retirement


Who professional rehabilitation is for and its objectives

Professional rehabilitation is intended for those with an illness accident or injury that will cause a disability in the coming years, or substantially reduce your work and earnings. Professional rehabilitation is designed to allow you to continue working for jobs that are suited to your work ability or to return to work after a long period of sick leave. You have, as a result of your illness, the right to receive appropriate occupational rehabilitation to prevent incapacity for work or to improve working and earning capacity.

What Professional Rehabilitation Offers

Professional rehabilitation provides you with the quality of life and the economic opportunity to stay in work. Continuing at work will keep your earnings and pensions better and will also increase your pension. Professional rehabilitation is usually free of charge for the rehabilitant. It is often possible to get the livelihood and the travel allowance from the paying person for the rehabilitation period. Typically, professional rehabilitation will be through an earnings-related pension insurance/insurance company.

What Professional Rehabilitation Includes

Professional rehabilitation may include:

  • career guidance
  • work and training trials
  • vocational retraining
  • fitting into a new health-friendly occupation
  • business support for entrepreneurs


  • Form

    Professional rehabilitation is applied for on a separate form. You can find the form on the internet site of your own employment pension insurance company. If you do not know your own pension insurance company, you can use Kela’s web site for a professional rehabilitation form as well.

  • A doctor’s medical B-statement

    The application should be accompanied with a doctor’s medical B-statement.

  • Processing your application

    The duration of the professional rehabilitation application is 1-3 months.

  • Contact

    When the assignment for career guidance has arrived from your pension/insurance company, your career coach will contact you by phone, after which an initial interview will be agreed on.

  • Meeting

    At the meeting you will look at your overall situation and consider together how to continue with the career guidance.

Who could help me in the practical implementation of professional rehabilitation

For professional rehabilitation, you can benefit from a personal trainer of Katja Noponen Oy. The instructor will help you in the practical implementation of rehabilitation. A career coach can help, for example, to work in the preparation and implementation of a return / rehabilitation plan, retraining arrangements, further employment, or acquisition of a workplace test site. Whether your rehabilitation or the continuance of working is supported by the pension/insurance company, you will be able to question them how to get into Katja Noponen Oy’s professional rehabilitation program/career guidance. Career training costs are the responsibility of the pension/insurance company and Katja Noponen Oy will serve you throughout Finland.

How to get into career coaching

To receive career guidance, you are required to contact a professional pension insurance company or an insurance professional for a professional rehabilitation expert. You will find out if you have the opportunity to get a career coach to help you return to work, so Katja Noponen Oy is one of the options.

What comes from professional rehabilitation

With us, thousands of people are employed each year, and hundreds of people start vocational training, rehabilitation or other work-related activities. The starting point for all of our coaching is to build better for superior. Our way of working is valuing our customers, and being solution-oriented. Our success rate was over 80 percent for the return to working life.


  • Threat to disability retirement

    If you are in danger of having a disability pension in the next few years due to an illness or disability

  • Earned income

    If you have earned the minimum of 34,960.56 Euros of earned income during the last five years (2018)

  • Accident and motor insurance

    If you do not have the right to rehabilitation through accident or motor insurance

  • Professional qualifications

    If you have professional qualifications obtained through work or training

  • Through professional rehabilitation

    If professional rehabilitation can influence the threat of invalidity and retirement

Professional rehabilitation for employment

If you are not covered by a pension/insurance company, for instance, because you do not meet the above five-year earnings level, you can apply for vocational rehabilitation for employment in Kela. Professional rehabilitation for employment is suitable for you if you need personalized coach support for your choice of job, profession or study due to an illness and/or overall situation. The coach will also support you, if necessary, for paid employment as an employer or as an entrepreneur. For more information, visit www.oikeatyö.fi ja watch the video